Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Piano Lessons With Imogen

I wanted piano lessons. Charlotte used to give them to me, but then she stopped. So Mum asked Imogen to give me and Sophie piano lessons.

So Imogen started giving us piano lessons. She taught me new pieces from my book, taught me the different notes, and helped me with my exercises.

I enjoyed my lessons because they were fun. I got to play one of my favourite pieces.

On Monday I had another piano lesson. It was the last lesson of the term. Imogen brought out some notes on cards and we played games with them. She showed me a new piece she is going to teach me next term. It is called 'The Snake Charmer'. I can't wait to play it.
When lunchtime came Mum asked, "Did you enjoy your piano lesson?"

"No," I said.

"Why not?" Mum asked.

"Because it came to an end."

Everybody laughed.

I can't wait for next term so I can have more lessons. I love learning piano with Imogen because she makes lessons fun and thinks up interesting things to do.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nanny McPhee

At breakfast one Sunday morning Mum said that we should borrow the movie 'Nanny McPhee.' But I didn't know who Nanny McPhee was, and I thought that it was too grown up for me to watch.

Callum went to the movie store and borrowed 'Nanny McPhee' and 'Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang'.
That evening we watched 'Nanny McPhee'. It was about the Brown family, who had lots and lots of naughty children. Nanny McPhee came to make them good. She looked very ugly when she came, but as the children became more good, she became prettier. At end of the moive, the children were good and Nanny McPhee was pretty.

Then we watched 'Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang'. It was also about a family, but the children were well behaved. But when their cousins came to stay, they had arguments, and fought. Then Nanny McPhee came. She made them good and became pretty again.
After we watched the movies Mummy bought the Nanny McPhee book. It's got lots of stories in it. We're reading about the Browns. It's very funny. The children had a dream to run away, so Nanny McPhee made it so they had to run away and just keep running and running and running until they learnt their lesson. While they ran, they saw all the naughty things they had done.

I like the book. It's different from the movies. I don't know whether I like the book better, or the movies. They're very different.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Going on a Beach Holiday

Mummy said we needed to go on holiday. She went on the computer and looked for a beach house. Then she found Moona Moona Cottage. It was snug and cosy with two bedrooms and three queen-sized beds. It was right by the beach. I really really liked it.

Mum tried to book the cottage, but it was already booked. So Mum had to start looking for another house. I was disappointed.

Then Mum found another cottage at a place called 'Swan Lake'. The name makes me think of Barbie and Swan Lake. She tried to book this one.

We waited all day for an answer, but by the time I went to bed, we still hadn't heard whether we'd got it. Then, next morning Mum told us that we'd got the house. I cheered.

She showed us the photos of the house. I liked it even better than Moona Moona Cottage. This cottage has three bedrooms, two of them with queen beds, and the third with a set of bunks and a queen-sized bed in a sunroom. It also has a piano, wood stove, six bikes, and a canoe.

Sophie and I are going to share a queen bed. Mummy and Daddy are going to have another one, and Imogen and Charlotte are going to have the bunk beds.

I can't wait for the holiday. I want to see the black swans on the lake, and to go and see the whales and dolphins. I'm going to bring my bike and my scooter with me so I can go riding by the lake. We can go swimming in the lake without worrying about nasty jellyfish. The lake even has white sand. And it's not too far from the real beach.