Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Gaping Big Hole

My tooth was very loose. It hurt to bite with it. It was hard to eat my toast at breakfast. I wanted it to come out. I wiggled it and wiggled it but it wouldn't come out.

One day, it got so loose it was hanging by one corner. I could turn it right round. But it wouldn't come out. I didn't want any morning tea that day in case it came out while I was eating.

Lunch time came. I was eating my lunch when Sophie told me, "Your tooth looks even looser."
I put my hand into my mouth and gave my tooth a little tug. It came straight out.

After lunch I gave it to Mum to look after. Now I have a gaping big hole in my mouth. I like my hole. I think it looks funny.

The one next to it is wiggly as well. I really want it to come out too.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cows and Chasing

I can remember a long time ago. I can remember when I was about three. Charlotte, Sophie and I were playing dolls and dress ups in the garden. I was in a long dress because we were pretending to be mummies.
I don’t remember much about the game but I remember Charlotte, Sophie and I running. We were running because there was a cow chasing us. I didn’t see the cow coming until she was behind me chasing me. She must have come from the paddock next door. I felt scared. I was a long way behind my sisters. Charlotte came back for me.
We ran into the house. We told Callum, “There’s a cow escaped from the paddock!” Then Duncan and Callum chased it back through the gate with a broom. We watched through the window. I didn’t like the cows too much after that.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I would like to have a twin. It sounds nice. I would always have someone to play with. I would like to laugh when someone mistook me for my twin. But I don't have a twin. So I pretend.
Two of my dolls are twins. They look exactly the same. I like to play with them. I like to mke them act just like I would act if I had a twin.
Sophie and I are twins sometimes. We wear the same clothes, play the same games and pretend we look exactly the same. But we're not. I've got blond hair, and she has brown hair, I'm short, and she's tall, and I have freckles, but she doesn't. But we both have blue eyesDad and I are twins too. We have the same colour hair...well, almost. We both take coffee to my swimming lessons, but he always drinks it before I'm done. It's not fair!
I like being twins with Sophie and Dad. But I would still like a real twin.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mummy's Birthday

It was Mummy's birthday. Imogen made pancakes for breakfast. They had sugar and honey on them. They were delicious. Mum had hers in bed.Sophie and me made some birthday cards for Mum, and a birthday banner. Duncan hung the banner on the wall.
Then it was present time. We all went into the living room. Mummy bought herself a nice pair of boots. We wrapped them up in newspaper because they were in a very big box and we didn't have enough wrapping paper.I gave her a necklace with matching earrings. She got lots and lots of chocolates. Charlotte gave her a rose bush. It looked like a stick. Sammy one of our fat cats, tried to sit on it. Aunty Vicky gave Mum a bangle with a watch on it. It was very nice. I liked it. Mum immediately took off her other watch and put her new one on.We had pizza for lunch. We also had a birthday cake. It was very chocolatey. It had mini M&Ms on top. And it had chocolate squiggles on top too. It was nice.In the afternoon we prepared for Mum's birthday dinner party. We laid the table, lighted lots of candles and found some nice music. Imogen and Callum finished making the dinner.

Then the guests came. We said hello, then we went and watched 'Despicable Me'. Imogen, Callum, Duncan, and Charlotte were the servers for the dinner.The guests stayed for a very long time. But finally they went home and we all went to bed.

I enjoyed Mum's birthday.