Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I would like to have a twin. It sounds nice. I would always have someone to play with. I would like to laugh when someone mistook me for my twin. But I don't have a twin. So I pretend.
Two of my dolls are twins. They look exactly the same. I like to play with them. I like to mke them act just like I would act if I had a twin.
Sophie and I are twins sometimes. We wear the same clothes, play the same games and pretend we look exactly the same. But we're not. I've got blond hair, and she has brown hair, I'm short, and she's tall, and I have freckles, but she doesn't. But we both have blue eyesDad and I are twins too. We have the same colour hair...well, almost. We both take coffee to my swimming lessons, but he always drinks it before I'm done. It's not fair!
I like being twins with Sophie and Dad. But I would still like a real twin.


Autumn said...

My little sisters like to pretend to be twins sometimes too.

Vellvin said...

I have too little sisters called Moran and Myffwyn and they both have different coloured hair but, they play together a lot and Mummy usually gets them the same clothes. So in a way Moran and Myffwyn are sort of like you and Sophie.

Sara said...

Hi Gemma-Rose!
My name is Brid, I gave you the Parka.
Could I be your friend?
I like your blog.
Lots of Love,

If you comment on my blog, please call me "Sara". thanks!

Sara said...

Hi Gemma-Rose!
Thank you for the cup!!! It is lovely!!!

Vicky said...

It is so nice to have someone special to pretend to be twins with, isn't it, Gemma-Rose? And the best thing is that you can share each other's birthdays - 2 birthdays in one year! x