Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bush Walk

Imogen was going to work. Mum suggested that we should go for a bush walk. We made some hot chocolate and put it in a flask. We all found our cameras to take with us.
We dropped Imogen off at work, then went to the shop to buy some marshmallows. When we got there, the shop didn't have any marshmallows. So we got some almond fingers instead. We also got some bubble bars, and some chocolate.

We went to the park, where the bush walk was. We walked along the track. Every two seconds we stopped to take photos of plants. Then we reached some big rocks. Mum took some photos of us sitting on the rocks.
After that, we had some chocolate before going back to the park. On the walk back we found some stripy rocks. Then we had our afternoon tea. Then it was time to pick Imogen up and go home.
I enjoyed going on the bush walk because we got to walk through the bush and take lots of photos. I would like to go on another one soon.


Vicky said...

The photos are beautiful, Gemma-Rose. It looks like you had a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma-Rose.
I like the photos a lot. it looks like you had a good time.
From Melanie xo xo