Monday, November 7, 2011

Felicity's Wedding

I like weddings. My sister got married last week. It was a lot of work. We had to order the dresses, which was a great trouble. Imogen and Charlotte's dresses fitted, thought the seller asked, 'Are you sure that the ladies are that short?'

Then we were ordering Sophie and my dresses but we couldn't find the right size. Someone recommended a strappy dress, but we did not like it. We finally found the closest size we could. When the dresses arrived, they fitted, but my dress was a little loose around the top. It had a sash with a clip on bow. My dress was ivory with a pink sash. Sophie's dress was ivory with a purple sash.
We made little bundles of candle. We all had our own jobs. Charlotte cut out circles of tulle. Sophie put the candles in the tulle and tied them up with ribbon. Imogen cut the ribbon into pieces, and I was fetcher. It was hard. I had to find the right sized elastic bands.

While we were making the bundles, Mum brought out the sugared almonds and jelly beans. Imogen packaged the sugared almonds into little plastic bags and Sophie and me packaged the jelly beans.
We also made brownies. But I wasn't able to make them, because I had a cold. The other girls made four kinds of brownies. My favourite kinds was the double chocolate brownies.

Imogen made the wedding cakes. They were little cupcakes with white icing, white fondant flowers and little silver balls. they were absolutely lovely.

We tried to find some shoes for the wedding. We needed gold ballet flats. We looked right through all the shops, but couldn't find any. We had to drive up to a much bigger town, and still couldn't find any shoes. In the end we found some very sequiny shoes with bows. They were silver.

On the day of the wedding, the bridesmaids arrived early in the morning. They took ages just sitting there curling their hair. Mum had time to get Sophie and me dressed, put her make up on, and get the big girls dressed all while they were doing one head of hair.

We headed out the door while they were curling the last person's hair. None of them were dressed, though the groomsmen were. Then we reached the church. We waited and waited and waited but the bridesmaids and bride didn't come. They arrived fashionably late.
The wedding started. Sophie and me started walking up the aisle very slowly. Then we sat in the front pew for the whole mass. I could see everything. Imogen helped with the music as well as being a bridesmaid. She had to keep running up and down the aisle.
After the wedding everyone threw roses petals at the bride and groom. Then the photographers took lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of photos. Imogen carries the sugared almond and jelly beans round, handing them out.
We went down to the park for lunch before the reception. We brought a picnic. I played with my friend. Then the photographer had to take more photos.

After that, it was time for the reception. the photographer took more photos. Then we had a huge afternoon tea. There were lots of speeches. Dad's speak was the best. Then it was time for the cake. It was scrumptious.
Then we gave Felicity and Graham their presents. I gave them a spatula and a spoon that had pig faces. They were so cute.
I like weddings and I like being a flowergirl. But I don't like all the preparations.


Sophie said...

Dear Gemma-Rose
I agree I did not like the preparations. But it is worth it for such a beautifully wedding.
Love from Sophie

Peggy Eddleman said...

I LOVE the colors! What a beautiful wedding! You guys did GREAT!