Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bushwalks and Echidnas

It was Sunday. Mum said we were off for a bush walk down the Boxvale track so we all went and
got out our running clothes. Then we found our water bottles and we were off on an adventure.
The van drew up outside the Boxvale track. We all climbed out and started down the track. I asked Mum if there were snakes. Mum said that she didn't think so but to look out for them anyway. I was scared that a snake might jump out at me. I kept feeling scared till Dad said, "Look over there!" It was an echidna. When I looked at it, it had hidden its head in the ground but we took great photos of its bottom.
We walked on and on till we reached a tunnel which trams once went in. It was dark inside. We took photos in it but when I took a photo of Imogen she had a glow on her head like a halo so I gave up takeing pictures. I made jokes about Imogen being an angel.
Then we arrived at the look-out at the end of the track and I found out that we only had the walk back to do. But before we set off again we had morning tea at the look-out.
On the way back I scratched my hand on a bramble. It stung. When we got to the van we were all tired.