Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Afternoon Out

Mum, me and Imogen went to the gardening shop to find Granddad a present for his unbirthday. We were trying to find a lizard like Lizzy the blue tongued lizard that lives in Nanna and Granddad's garden. But we got Granddad a boot scraper instead. And we bought Dad a mouse for his birthday.

Then we dropped Imogen off at work. Then Mum and I went shopping. After shopping Mum and me got some drinks and an eclair. Mum had a cappuchino and I had a slushy. I liked it. It was very icy and I had to use Mum's spoon to get some of the ice out so I could drink it.

I like going out with Mum.


Sue Elvis said...

You'll have to keep Dad's present a secret for a long time. His birthday isn't until July.

You forgot to say that Granddad is having an unbirthday because he decided to give all his birthdays to you. I don't think he wants to get any older!

Vellvin said...

Sounds like you had fun!!