Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making Muffins

Yesterday Sophie and me made muffins. We got our packet mix muffins out of the pantry. Mine were chocolate and caramel muffins. Sophie's were Apple and Cinnamon. I got to crack my own egg into the bowl. I don't normally do that, only when I'm making packet mixes. Charlotte had to help me measure the water. Then I stirred the ingredients together.

Sophie made her muffins at the same time. She did it all on her own. Then we put them in the muffin tins.Charlotte put them in the oven because I'm not allowed to do that. While the muffins cooked, we got to lick out the bowls. I shared my bowl with Charlotte. It tasted really nice. I love licking out bowls.

Then we cleaned up the kitchen while the muffins were still cooking. I liked cleaning up with Sophie. It was fun. Charlotte took the muffins out of the oven. The muffins smelt really nice. Sophie's smelt the strongest.
We ate them for afternoon tea.

I like cooking on my own because I get to do everything myself. When I cook with my sisters, I don't get to do things like crack the eggs. But I still get to lick out the bowls. Yum!


Autumn said...

I love cracking eggs. Mosat people think I'm funny when I do 'cause I crack them open on my forhead and then pull the shell apart. Thats not weird is it?
I love licking out bowls too. Sometimes I'll make a cake just so i can lick.

Vellvin said...

I love licking out the bowls!! That is probably my favoerite part when I or someone else is cooking!!