Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Dress

My dress is very old. 17 years old. My big sister Felicity had it first. It was a very special dress. When she grew out of it, it was put away for Imogen to grow into.

Imogen really liked the dress. It was one of her favourite dresses. She liked to wear it to mass in the summer. She only wore it for mass and very special days.

Then it was passed down to Charlotte. She liked it a lot too. Her favourite part of the dress was the big white lacy collar.

When Charlotte grew out the dress Sophie got it. She wore it for Christmas. It looked as good as the day it was bought.

Then Sophie grew out of it and I got it. It is my favourite dress because it is so pretty. It might have faded a little bit, but I love it. It is the only dress
to have been worn by all five of us sisters.


Sue Elvis said...

I love that dress too! This is a great post.

Autumn said...

What a lovely dress! It looks very pretty indeed.

Vellvin said...

Cool dress! Isn't it cool when you have stuff like speical dresses passed down to you from you're older sisters?

Fliq said...

Don't we all look so pretty in the dress! Maybe when I have a little girl she can have the dress too? Love you Gemma-Rose!