Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Many Hail Marys?

At dinner last night we were talking about confirmation sponsors and how they should do things together. Mum said that Charlotte should ask Callum, who is her sponsor, to say more prayers for her.

I said, "I'd like ten bottles of Hail Marys please."

"How many Hail Marys fit in a bottle?" Sophie asked.

"How big is the bottle?" someone asked.

"Are Hail Marys liquids, solids, or gases," someone else asked.

"I hope they're not gases," Mum said. "Or you won't fit many in a bottle."

What do you think? How many Hail Marys fit on a bottle? And are they a liquid, a solid, of a gas?


Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma-Rose.
I really like the pictures of Mary.
I am glad that you have dun a new post.
From Melanie xo xo

Vicky said...

That's a very tricky question!! How about one beautiful, big Hail Mary that fills the whole bottle and never runs out when you use it? But, liquid, solid or gas??? Trickier, still! Maybe, it can change, depending on what's in the bottle.

What a clever group of thinkers you all are! Did you all decide on an answer after your discussion?
love Auntie Vicky xxx

Autumn said...

I think 10 Hail Mary's would fit in a bottle. And they would be gas so they could all blend into one .