Friday, June 10, 2011

Tiny Teeth

A week and a half ago I lost one of my top front teeth. Today I got another one out. It is my other top front tooth. Now I have a big gap

Mum was reading me a story and I twisted my tooth round. Crack! It became really loose. Then we had lunch. It was hard to eat my lunch. I broke bits of food of with my hands and chewed with my back teeth.
Suddenly my tooth popped out. It was tiny. I gave it straight to Mum in exchange for two dollars. Then I went to the bathroom to look at my gap. It looked like someone had punched me in the mouth, except no one would punch me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma-Rose.
Today I lost a tooth just like you.

from Melanie xo xo

Vicky said...

How exciting to get your grown-up teeth! Have you decided how you are going to spend your tooth money? love Auntie Vicky xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma-Rose.
I have a new post on my blog.

From Melanie xo xo