Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Very Cold!

 "It is very warm for this time of year," Mum commented a few days ago.

 "We better make the most of the good weather," said Imogen.

 We ran outside at morning tea time because it was nice and warm at that time. I played outside without freezing to death and we were so warm we didn't need to wear coats every time we went out. 

Then there was a change in the weather. 

"Mum, it's VERY COLD out here," said Charlotte as she pegged a T-shirt onto the washing line.

We started to use the gas heater, put extra blankets on the beds, wear big warm coats and sleep with hot water bottles.

"Sammy climbed into my bed this morning," said Mum.

"He must be cold," said Imogen, stroking the cat.

"They all seem to want to sit on people now," said Sophie.

I looked down at Poppy and wondered how she could be cold under all that fur.
 I think everybody hopes it will warm up soon.


Hannah Mitter said...

It is very cold, isn't it.

I am Hannah Mitter. Your Mum wrote a blog post about my blog and Bob.

Your blog is awesomely cool! I will have to follow.

Gemma-Rose said...

Thank you for following my blog. You have got a great blog too!