Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lots of Scones

On Sunday I decided to make scones so I sought out a very big and very, very old book and flicked to the dough covered page and checked that we had all the ingredients.

"Sieve the flour into the bowl, then rub in the butter,"I mumbled to myself as I checked the book.

I cut the dough into pieces and put them on the tray hoping that I had remembered all the ingredients.

 While I waited for the tray of scones to cook, I decided to make another batch.

I plodded back to the kitchen counter and threw more flour, butter, and milk in.

"Now for the parsley and cheese," I announced. I looked on top of the counter, then I moved aside an empty flour bag, but the parsley and cheese weren't there! After awhile of searching it became evident that the two ingredients weren't anywhere on the counter.

I flew to the oven and peered through the door at some big white scones.

"Silly me, how could I have forgotten to put the cheese and parsley in the first batch of scones?" I chided myself. Grabbing the cheese fiercely, I started grating it to add to the second batch and finished making the scones.

Finally I wiped down the kitchen counter and rescued the second batch of scones from the oven. Finished.

"Mum, I made two batches of scones. One has parsley and cheese and the other doesn't," I said in an apologetic tone of voice. 

"YUMMY," Mum shouted. 

I grabbed a plate, cut a chunk of butter and a scone and arranged it all on a plate to be presented to Mum. 

Today I decided to make more scones but this time I was determined not to forget the cheese and parsley. It all went well and now we have HEAPS of of scones.


Gemma French said...

Those scones look amazing!!!
I love your blog! Its so awesome!


Gemma-Rose said...

Thank you.
Do you like cooking?

Multi-tasking Mama said...

Well I don't believe it. We rarely have dessert and tonight I decided to whip a batch of scones as a surprise which we finished an hour or so ago. How funny is that. Yours sound yummt, I cheated and made them with just SR Flour, lemonade and cream.