Monday, July 22, 2013

Editing Photos

I have been editing some flowers on Picmonkey and Befunky. It is a lot of fun.

"Gemma-Rose, what are you doing?" Mum asked, peering over my shoulder. "Editing a photo I downloaded," I answered.

"That is pretty," Mum smiled. "Do you like editing photos?"

"Yes, it is fun to play with different effects," I smiled back.

"What kind of photos have you been editing?" Mum asked.

"Flowers and leaves, maybe a fish," I said staring at the screen of my computer. I was only half listening to what Mum was saying.

"Crop it, put some sparkles on it, maybe I should try putting some shadows on," I mumbled happily away to myself.

"She really is enjoying herself," Mum said to Charlotte.

I love editing photos. Do you like editing photos?



Gemma French said...

Wow Gemma-Rose, they are absolutely


Gemma-Rose said...


Thank you.
Do you like taking photos?

Multi-tasking Mama said...

Gemma-Rose, these are gorgeous. My girls like taking photos TOO, so I must show them these sites you mention so they can have some modifying them but I fear I will never get to use my lap top again ... ;)