Monday, April 1, 2013


Angelica is my guinea pig. She is about seven years old which is very old for a guinea pig.

We bought another guinea pig at the same time. That guinea pig's name was Pia.

We already had two guinea pigs at home. Their names were Scarlatti and Hercules. They were more black then orange, not like Pia and Angelica.

Scarlatti was Sophie's favourite guinea pig.

One day Sophie and I are sitting on our beds before going outside. Duncan suddenly bursts open the door.

"What is it?" I ask.

"It's Hercules," says Duncan. "He died last night."

I burst into tears and run out of the room to Mum.

me and Angelica
Another time we are giving all the guinea pigs a cuddle except for Hercules (because he is dead). I am holding Scarlatti.

"The guinea pig is very quiet. Is he ok?" I ask.

"Yes!" says Sophie confidently. "He is just settling down."

I'm not so sure but I decide to believe her.

We take Scarlatti and Pia back to their cages and close the doors.

 I skip off to the house with Sophie to get Angelica.

When we come back I look down at Scarlatti and cry. "Sophie, he has not moved."

Sophie thrusts Angelica into the cage and grabs Scarlatti. Together we run into the house.

"Dad! Dad!" we shout. "Scarlatti is not moving."

 Dad picks up Scarlatti.  "I think he is dead," says Dad.

Sophie and I start crying in unison. Mum gives us a cuddle and tries to comfort us.

Duncan moves Pia and Angelica to the now empty boy guinea pigs' cage because it is a safer cage.

Angelica in her cage

Pia died while Mum was doing our hair and Charlotte had been feeding the guinea pigs and had found Pia dead.

I was strong and didn't cry.

Angelica in the sun

So now we only have Angelica who didn't really notice that Pia was gone except that there was more food. She is now the fattest guinea pig ever.                                                               

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