Sunday, April 14, 2013


I have got legs. I have got long legs. I have got strong legs.

I can run for six kilometres on my legs. I have won races on my legs. I go for a run up big rocky hills on my legs, early in the morning, and in the afternoon I go outside and play on my legs.

At the end of my legs are my feet. They are rather large feet, just like a hobbit's. I have got a pair of hobbit socks. Duncan made them for me for Christmas.

Babies have short legs.

Giraffes have long legs.

Spiders have lots of hairy legs.

Emus have tall legs.

This bird has yellow legs.

Kittens have fluffy legs.

Tables and chairs have legs too.

Legs are very useful. I love my legs. What would I do without them?


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