Thursday, April 4, 2013


I didn't ever think of drawing flowers and patterning them till Imogen started doodling. She would drew flower after flower and decorate them with patterns. Sometimes the flowers overlapped sometimes they were next to one another.

Mum really liked the doodles and decided to try. Mum could do really nice ones and soon Sophie was doing it.

I decided to have a go but I didn't have a clue how and I wasn't patient enough to draw all the flowers with patterns and colour them in.

Mum found a doodling site and one day we were sitting round the table. "Could we have a craft day today please?" I asked.

 "If you want," replied Mum.

 So we all arrived in the family room after washing the lunch dishes.

"Sophie and Gemma-Rose do you want to learn how to doodle?" asked Mum.

" Yes please!" we both said.

Mum showed us the doodling site and we watched a movie on how to doodle. It showed us a few simple patterns. We did every pattern and soon we had a page full of pattern lines. We also did butterflies and it showed us how to do the sun and water in doodle style.

I love doodling. It is such a simple way to draw lovely pictures.



Annie said...

Hi Gemma-Rose!!!

What is doodling? It looks sooooo cool! I wish I could do it!

Gemma-Rose said...

Doodling is just having fun with colour and patterns.
It is lots of fun.