Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The End

Part 2 of my Imaginary Story

"Hello have a seat."

They stood frozen to the spot.

"I said have a seat." 
They obediently sat down. 

Rain was the first person to speak.

"You must be Melon."

Lark couldn't believe that a fairy could make a room that cold.

"I would prefer to be called Melanie," said Melon.

"You like snakes I see," said Starry.

"No, I don't like snakes," said Melanie.
"Then why do you have so many?" said Bloom.

"Because they make good guards," said Melanie.

Then to everyone's surprise she started crying.

"What is the matter?" said Grove.

"Everything has gone wrong," cried Melanie.

"You might as well tell us how you came to be here," said Ruby.

"All right, I will tell you everything," said Melanie.

"Thank you," said Lark

"I was only about that  female fairy's age when I came travelling here,' said Melanie, pointing at Lark. "Everything was so different here and I soon got lost. Then I found the mermaids. They seemed okay at the time. I was happy that there were some people that were friendly and I listened to all the bad things they said about these fairies. Then I got it into my head to help them. They were so happy that they decided to build me this palace and be my guards. They also caught these snakes but then I found out how nice the fairies were...." Her voice trailed off.

"You can come home with us and I will personally explain to the mermaids what happened," said Grove.

"Really?" said Melanie.

"Of course," said Ruby.

"You have been very kind. Do you want something to drink?"  
They were served cake and tea by a dwarf, a fairy and a gnome. Finally they finished the cake and tea.

"Come along," said Melanie to the maids. She opened two big doors and inside was a majestic Pegasus horse. 

"Hop on," said Melanie to the maids. Rain, Ruby, Bloom and Grove climbed onto their dragons. Lark and Starry flew into the air. They soon reached the cliff.

"Come on, we've got to explain to the mermaids," said Grove to Lark.

Together Lark and Grove jumped off the dragon into freezing cold water.

"What is this underneath me?" asked Lark.

"I am a mermaid and my name is Fishy."

"Take me to your king," spluttered Grove.

"You can talk to me. I am the Princess," said Fishy

Grove explained the long story.

"I will talk with my Father," said Fishy

She came back an hour later.

"Everybody agrees to let Melanie go," said Fishy.

Lark pestered her mother till she decided to let Melanie stay with them.           


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