Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Imaginary story

Lark flew into the sky. Something was strange. Then Lark saw it. There was a load of dragons whizzing past her head.

"Get down," shouted Lark's mother. Lark flew down through all the dragons. 

"Mum, what is going on?" Lark asked.

 "It is okay. It's only some people riding on dragons."

 Only some dragons, thought Lark. She fluttered her wings. She was a very inquisitive fairy. 


"They are probably some fairies, elves and dwarves," said Mister Bird who was Lark's father.

 "But what are they doing sitting on dragons, Mother?" said Parrot, who was Lark's brother.

 "They are probably going to storm the evil fairy's palace," said Mister Bird.

 "But isn't her palace under the water?" asked Parrot.

"Yes it is but most of the palace is dry," said Mrs Bird. 

"How does it keep dry?" asked Parrot.

 "It is only half under the water," said Mrs Bird.

"How does it manage that?" asked Parrot.

 "It is on a  island," said Mister Bird.

 Lark went to bed in her house on a cloud. Her mind was racing. Maybe she could help. As soon as her mother and father had gone to bed, she got up and started to get her clothes on. She padded to the door and jumped out of it. She knew round about where the evil fairy's palace was. She flew for two hours straight and her wings were tired. A gust of wind swept her down. She started falling at a dramatic speed. Someone grabbed her hand. It was an elf.

"Sorry about making you fall," said the elf. "The wind was made by my dragon."

"It's okay," she said, climbing onto his purple dragon.

"My name is Grove. What is yours?" asked the elf.

"My name is Lark and I am trying to find the elves, the fairies and the dwarves. Do you know where to find them?" asked Lark.

"I'm one of them," said Grove.

"Can I come with you?" asked Lark.

"Certainly you can come with me," said Grove 


There was heaps of dragons all over the big sea cliff.

"Right men, you can all go in teams. Every team will try to get into the palace and find Melon," said an old dwarf.

"Who is Melon?" asked Lark

"She is the evil fairy," said Grove.

In Grove's and Lark's team there were two dwarves called Rain and Ruby, a fairy called Starry and an elf called Bloom. Ruby and Bloom were girls like Lark.  Starry and Lark flew alongside the four dragons.

"I can't see a window anywhere, and look in the water! There are guards," said Ruby 

"They are mermaids," said Bloom.

"There are some birds there too," said Starry. 

"I can see some loose spiky tiles," said Lark

Lark and Starry flew down to investigate. Starry threw one of the spiky tiles off the roof. 

"Come on down!" shouted Lark 

Rain, Ruby, Grove and Bloom tied their dragons to some pieces of rock that jutted out from the cliff. Rain jumped through the roof.

"I will see if it is safe down here," said Rain

Rain saw that there was a hall with a winding staircase. There was a huge grandfather clock that said the wrong time. Comfy armchairs with cushions lined the walls. On some gold stools there were snakes. Rain felt like screaming. There was snakes everywhere. They must be the inside guards, thought Rain.

"Can we come down?" said Bloom.

"Yes," said Rain.

"Those are a lot of snakes," said Ruby, swishing a mop of brown hair from her face.

Suddenly the room went cold and the door at the other side of the hall opened.        

To be continued    



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