Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We've got heaps of plastic horses. They are very real looking. Sophie and I love playing with them. We play wild horses and racing horses. We only have one horse that looks like a race horse. Sophie and I call her Mirror.

We can't remember half of the names of the horses, or even if they all had names. I have named some of my horses. Last year I got two foals and I called them Pixie and Archibald.

 I also have a cart horse. He doesn't have a name. He is grey.

I even have two tiny horses and a slightly older one which I called Katy. She is brown and white.

One of my  tiny horses doesn't have a name. The other horse is called Phoebe. She is a bit like Katy. 

We sometimes put the horses into families. We have some plastic tigers and a cheetah and they make a game even better

This is me on my 8th birthday. Duncan gave me a unicorn which is almost a horse. 


Annie said...

Lovely horses Gemma-Rose!

Gemma-Rose said...

Which horse do you like best?
Do you have any horses?

Annie said...

I like the big grey horse. He is so powerful looking.

I don't have any horses. I am going to have to ask Mum for some!

Which is your favourite horse?

Gemma-Rose said...


I think my favourite horse is Katy but it is hard to choose.