Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I love babies. I was a fat baby, always crying and sitting on people. I would sit in Duncan's arms while he walked me up and down trying to make me sleep.

When I did fall asleep it would be day time and on somebody's lap. When it was night time I started to cry so Mum had to wake up and comfort me. I am the baby of family so I don't know what it is like having a baby brother or sister.

One of my friends has loads of younger sisters. I got to hold her baby brother. It was rather like holding a baby doll except this one wriggled. I don't think he liked me.

I think it is good to be the youngest because if I had a baby brother or sister they would grow up and I wouldn't be able to carry them. I think having a baby sister or brother would be hard work. I think I must have been hard work.

I like being the baby of the family.

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Annie said...

Hi Gemma-Rose!

You were such a cute baby!

I love babies!