Thursday, April 11, 2013


Jenny is our cat. She is such a story-like cat. All she does is sleep, eat, sleep, eat and if she feels like it, she will curl up on your lap.

Jenny likes to lie down and stretch her chin out on the floor. It looks really uncomfortable but she seems to like it. She sits on anything from the arm of the chair to a shoe box to a bookmark on the floor. She thinks that she can catch a bug through a closed glass sliding door. It doesn't work. She is a bit dim.

Jenny is cross eyed and sometimes tries to thump my legs with her head but I think she gets the wrong image of me. I thinks she sees two of me.

 We were watching "The Life of Birds" and Jenny got up from the arm of the chair and hopped onto the organ stool, which was closer to the TV, to investigate.

She kills toy mice for us and in the middle of the night she will start meowing, telling us to come look at the mouse she has killed.

Sammy (one of our other cats) and Jenny fight each other for a small rocking chair, sometimes both hopping on it and we can't tell one cat's paws from the other cat's.

I love Jenny even if she is not very clever.

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