Friday, April 19, 2013


There are loads of different types of queues.

A long queue of buses and cars waiting at the traffic lights.

A queue of rich people ready to put copious amounts of money into the safe bank.

An orderly queue of Catholic people processing to receive Holy Communion.

A two-people-deep queue of hungry people at the busy restaurant.

A queue of smelly tired people, who've been for a run, waiting for a hot bath at home.

A straggly queue of curious people looking at interesting things in the old museum.

A short queue of nerdy people waiting to check out their huge piles of books at the library.

A very long queue of grumpy people at the check-out in the supermarket.

A wonky queue of chatty people wanting to post birthday cards at the local post office.

A queue of impatient children waiting to give Mum a hug. 
Soon they will get too impatient and come running for a big group hug.   


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