Friday, April 5, 2013


I really enjoyed the first "Emily Windsnap" book.  Auntie Rosemary sent it all the way from England for us. Mum read the book out loud to me and Sophie. I listened intently as Mum read the adventure. It had a pretty picture of a mermaid's tail on the front of the cover.

Imogen had read all the Emily books from the library and she knew which shelves they were on. Soon we had Mum reading us the other two Emily books. I was upset we had finished all the Emily books and I had nothing to read. I looked up at the shelf and decided I would have to read the first Emily book again.

Then one day Mum decided it was again time to go to the library. Sophie came over to me and she was waving the fourth Emily book! I was squealing with excitement. "Sophie," I whispered, "lets get Mum to read this book to us."

But the days passed and Mum didn't read the Emily book to us. It would need taking back to library soon unread. What a calamity! "Mum, Mum you've got to read us "Emily and the Midnight Sun"!

So Mum started to read the book. I was so excited I could hardly keep still. Mum finished the chapter and started to put the bookmark in the book.

"Mum can't you read just a little bit more," Sophie and I cried. Mum smiled and continued reading. "Mum, just one more chapter," I said, giving her my puppy eyes. So Mum continued reading. After about three more chapters Mum put down the book. "Please Mum, just a tiniest bit more," I wailed.

"No," said Mum, "if I read much more I will go croaky. It is time for coffee."

"I don't drink coffee," I complained as I went off to put the kettle on.

I soon decided to try drawing mermaids instead of listening about mermaids, and found that it is not as hard as it looks. My sketch book is now full of mermaids.  



Annie said...

Hi Gemma-Rose!

Emily Windsnap is soooooo coooooool!!!!! I love the book!

I wish I could draw like you, you are so good at it! I am going to have to draw some Mermaids!

Gemma-Rose said...

I am glad you like my drawings.
Thank you