Monday, April 8, 2013


I got a giraffe for Easter. Not a real one but a toy one. It is a Littlest Pet Shop pet. It is very cute. I have loads of Littlest Pet Shop pets but more is always welcome. Not all of them have names because it is impossible to name them all. I did not have a giraffe before. Mum is very good at knowing which Littlest Pet Shop pets I don't have and which ones I would like.

I saw a real giraffe at the zoo. It was very big. My giraffe is very small compared to a real one but can you imagine trying to play with something that big? I got a girl Littlest Pet Shop doll for Christmas. She is very pretty. I don't think she will be sleeping with the giraffe cuddled up close. That is the cat's job. The giraffe will fit in with my seal because they both live in the zoo. I love Littlest Pet Shop pets. I am glad that I have so many.   

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